Custom Build


Bespoke Engineering

Varicon Aqua Solutions is an original equipment manufacturer based in the UK. We have over 20 years’ experience in the design, construction and deployment of bespoke algal photobioreactors and aquaculture production systems. To date we have deployed over 160 photobioreactors across the globe. These installations range from horizontal manifold systems such as our bestselling BioFenceTM platform; to serpentine systems such as the Phyco-Flow™. Newer developments include our vertical column photobioreactors; the Phyco-Lift and Phyco-Bubble as well as our internally illuminated reactor, the Phyco-Pyxis™. All our systems are built to high specifications using precision manufacturing processes, and are ideally suited to algal producers who need reliable technology and services; whilst de-risking operations and improving profitability.

Plant Design

We design, supply, install and commission both laboratory and industrial platforms for the cultivation of algae to a broad range of global partners; supporting both research and primary production. To this end, we employ a dedicated team of technicians, engineers and biologists who understand algal bioprocesses; from wastewater treatment to bulk and fine chemical production. This unique experience gives us a competitive advantage when working with clients, allowing us to provide a range of market validated photobioreactor systems for any application.