Teco Accessories


Teco chillers are efficient and reliable units maintaining a constant water temperature in your aquarium. These chillers can also be upgraded to heat as well as chill, a UV upgrade is also available. All Teco chillers are fully serviceable and use the latest energy efficient cooling technology.

UVC Upgrade Kit for TR Chillers

upgradekitUltra-violet (UV) sterilizer kit compatible with TR10, TR15, TR20, TR30 and TR60 chillers. Easy to install – takes less than 10 minutes. No tools required. Includes installation guide.

Comes with UV lamp, quartz sleeve, ballast, starter for UV lamp, mounting screws for ballast, zip ties for wiring and an installation guide. Tools recommended for this installation include: channel lock pliers (or similar), phillips-head screwdriver and wire cutters.

Heater for TR Chillers

heaterThe 400w heater kit is designed to work universally with all Teco SeaChill Aquarium Chillers. Installation is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. No tools required. Includes an installation guide.

Ring Nut Wrench

wrenchMade from heavy gauged metal, this TECO designed wrench is useful in removing the Ring-Nuts from the outer cover of the TR5, TR10, TR15 and TR20 chillers. This useful tool allows users to quickly and easily access the inside of the chiller, UV-C and Heater accessories for maintenance or replacement.

TECO Hose Holders 4 Bends & 8 clips

hoseholderDesigned to avoid the crushing of the pipes and therefore allow a correct water flow to grant the maximum cooling efficiency. Being hose holders they do not need joints to be installed, moreover installed in sequence they are particular useful to bend the aquarium inlet and outlet pipes.

Flow Indicator

flowindicatorThe TECO Flow Indicator is an important accessory for most aquarium system setups. Connect the Flow Indicator to any pipe or tubing that water flows through. The red fan in the middle will spin–a visual indication that water is presently flowing. The Flow Indicator can also be used to “join” tubes or pipes together.