Varicon Aqua featured in Fish Farmer magazine

Varicon Aqua Solutions has a feature article in Fish Farmer magazine this month (August 2017) congratulating Otter Ferry Seafish on their 50th anniversary.  We have enjoyed very close cooperation with Otter Ferry Seafish via our managing director over the preceding 30 years, primarily through respective pioneering activities on Halibut and Cod culture and cooperation as former Directors of the British Halibut Association and British Marine FinFish association.  More recently we have supported their ongoing work on Lumpsucker and Wrasse via the supply of Artemia and other nutritional solutions. 

Otter Ferry are a leading member of the marine aquaculture community, and have demonstrated successful progression in highly effective development and maintenance of their existing cultivation systems, as well as exploring novel biocontrol methods for livestock maintenance. We are eager to continue to support Otter Ferry in their future endeavours, and welcome the new challenges they may present to us as they continue develop their products and equipment requirements.

Fish Farmer magazine is available for free online at, and our article is found on page 36. Otter Ferry is the U.K.’s only dedicated Halibut fish farm and has worked closely with Varicon over the last 30 years, innovating their production methods by utilising Varicon’s tailored approach to aquaculture optimisation. Primarily we have worked to optimise their consumable requirements by providing the best nutrition available for their livestock.

Whilst Varicon is best known for its prowess in bespoke bioreactor manufacturing, there is also a demonstrable wealth of marine cultivation knowledge derived from many years of embodied experience. We cater to a wide variety of working scales and product requirements, from industrial-scale reactor systems to smaller research facilities, and continue to successfully support the nutrient feed requirements of many organisations worldwide. These consumables range from freshly grown rotifer and copepod stocks, to in-house developed algal growth nutrients, all of which can be found under the Consumables Price List section of our website. Varicon looks forward to continuing to meet the needs our existing customers, and welcomes any new clients who wish to utilise our highly personalised services.  

Find us on page 36! Follow the link included!