Varicon Aqua in New Zealand

Our Innovation Manager, Dr Marco Lizzul, will be giving a presentation at the BBSRC NZ-UK Algae Research Meeting conference in Nelson, New Zealand later this month. Dr. Lizzul will present Varicon’s business and industrial progresses, built from his academic understanding of algal photobioreactors. He will be showcasing the diversity of services Varicon Aqua can offer its clients, and will liaise with individuals from many disciplines within the algal biotechnology sector.

Varicon is a world leader in algal photobioreactor deployment and design, but continuous innovations are necessary to allow Varicon to stay competitive against other organisations within the sector. These developments are a product of Varicon’s diverse team and their abilities, with some of these exciting innovations being showcased during the conference.

The conference will be hosted at the Cawthron Institute and will span 2 days, with presentations and demonstrations from individuals in both academic and industrial backgrounds. The Cawthron institute is the largest independent science institute in New Zealand, with emphasis on both primary industries, and agricultural and environmental developments.

The institute has a globally-recognised specialty in understanding the effects of harmful algal blooms and growth patterns. This knowledge is utilised by many industries, ranging from those monitoring health and safety of internationally exported shellfish products, to the maintenance of their own in-house algal colonies.