Varicon Aqua is able to offer a wide range of consultancy services tailored toward client needs. We can draw from over 20 years of extensive experience within the aquaculture and algae industries. Whilst benefiting from our position as global technology providers to solve both academic and industrial problems.

To date our consultancy work has involved topics as diverse as:

  • Market research, including current and developing market sizes for pharmaceutical, cosmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. 
  • Feasibility studies, for both pilot and industrial scale facilities, in sectors including ranging from waste treatment to high value applications.
  • Cost modelling, including full techno-economic analysis, assessments of CAPEX, OPEX and projected ROI.
  • Plant design, which can include a basic system overview and production process to fully specified plant equipment.
  • Optimisation strategies including insight into the latest bioprocessing philosophies as applied to algae cultivation.
  • Technology reviews and bench-marking of all current production platforms and processes.

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