Live Algal Cultures

Live Algal Cultures

We can supply live algal cultures in a variety of formats, from agar plates to multiple litres of volume. This service will save the end user having to sub-culture master stocks in the lab. 

Algae Petri Dishes

We can supply petri-dish cultures of the most common aquaculture and freshwater species. These will last for over six months in a cool place in low light conditions. To reactive the culture just add autoclaved water to the petri dish to cover the culture, re-cover the disk and provide light for a day. Then use a sterile cotton swab to wipe the cells into your usual culture medium in sterile seawater and culture as you would a normal master culture.

Small Volume Cultures

We can supply a common range of aquaculture and freshwater species to required densities in volumes between 50 ml – 25 L (and multiples thereof). These cultures can be used to inoculate larger systems or replace collapsed cultures.

Please inquire here for available cultures, volumes and prices.