Instant Algae Concentrate

Instant Algae

Varicon Aqua is the certified UK distributer for Reed Mariculture (click here for a full list of available products).

Instant Algae is a super-concentrated liquid microalgae feed for larval fish, shrimp, and bivalve shellfish. It is used to supplement or replace live algae grown on-site at your hatchery. Instant Algae® products are pure, phototrophically grown, highly-concentrated marine microalgae. The whole-cell algae are non-viable but intact, retaining all their nutritional value, with no need to hydrate.

Providing a cost effective alternative to live algae can be the difference between profit and loss in a hatchery. The United Nation’s FAO organization estimates that up to 40% of a hatchery’s costs can be in the production of algae. Algae rooms and equipment are expensive and challenging to scale, so it can be difficult to produce enough algae during peak demand. Furthermore, live algal cultures are susceptible to crashes, meaning your larvae can be at risk of starvation.

Ideal for rotifer culture due to the high nutritional profile and elimination of shock caused by mismatches in pH and salinity between rotifer water and algae water in traditional culture methods, thereby enabling very high rotifer densities. Instant Algae Premium contains no glycerin preservatives and will not foul your system or increase bacteria. The cells are 99%+ intact and remain in suspension with minimal circulation. Instant Algae products are available in a variety of cultures to best meet your feeding and nutritional needs. All products are shipped monoculture in 1 liter bags.

Instant Algae provides key benefits to hatchery managers:

  • Reduction in risks with a guaranteed food supply – use only the amount of algae that your animals really need at any time of the year. Use it as a primary feed, or as backup in case of an algae culture crash.
  • Reduction in overhead costs – less electricity, less space, fewer technicians.
  • Increase production up to 40% – live algae systems need a lot of space that could be used for growing your target animals.
  • Easy to use liquid concentrate – simply pour out the amount of algae you need at each feeding.
  • Long shelf life – 8 to 12 weeks in your refrigerator (depending on the culture). Nannochloropsis and Tetraselmis can be frozen for long life.
  • No fouling – Stays suspended for days without fouling tank or filters.
  • Complete enrichment solution – Use Isochrysis for DHA enrichment and Nannochloropsis for EPA enrichment. Eliminates the need for other products.
  • Produces live, healthy rotifers – Oily enrichments often suffocate the rotifers and cause them to stick together. Healthy rotifer movement stimulates the natural predatory instincts in fish, increasing consumption and survival.
  • Peak nutritional algae profile – Computer controlled growing environment to ensure the best quality algae and high lipid levels.
  • Excellent for greenwater – Nannochloropsis will stay suspended for 2-3 days.
  • More species choice – Some being difficult and often impossible to grow in hatcheries, giving you more feed and nutritional options.
  • No algal metabolites – Live algae produce metabolites that can be harmful to your animals. Concentrating the algae removes the metabolites as well as the nutrients used for growing the algae, providing a safer feed than live algae.
  • Specialized applications – Some of our custom algae cultures have unique properties. For example the Tetraselmis contains natural amino acids that stimulate feeding in larval shrimp, rotifers, and corals.
  • Safe – Certified free from virus and pathogenic bacteria.

Please Note: Instant Algae is a feed product and not a starter culture. Cell sizes and counts will vary up to 40% depending on the time of the year and growing temperature. However the biomass (dry weight) will always remain the same. Furthermore, some products are not available directly from stock, however we will be happy to add your requirements to our next consignment order.