Start Wean Grow & Nurse Fish Hatchery Using O.range

O.range Dry Feed Line for Marine Fish Hatcheries

The Perfect Fish Larval Hatchery Feed


oorangeO.range Consists of a range of four products called (Start, Wean, Growth & Nurse) which have One common diet profile with four specific formulations covering the optimal growth & health of young post lavae, learning from the industry experience to follow larvae and fry development needs during all hatchery production phases. O.range provides the perfect solution as the entire range has been soley formulated for the growth of fish larvae using the highest quality ingreadiants.

O.range is available in small and large sizes for optimal saving, call varicon aqua now on +44 1684 312980 for full priceing details or use our contact form.

Main Benifits to using O.range

  • Perfectly suits the nutritional needs of the fish throughout the different hatchery stages
  • Optimal Σω3 HUFA and DHA/EPA profiles
  • Excellent stability and floatability in the water
  • Formulated using Highest quality raw ingredients

O.range Phase Larvae Fish Feeding

Four Phase feeding with O.range for optimal fish larvae growth



Phase 1 O.range Start Formula for co-feeding during the rotifer feeding phase

  • Optimal digestibility and attractability, initiating fish larvae to formulated feeds.
  • Ideal particle size distribution for partial rotifer and Artemia substitution.
  • Especially designed for excellent particle floatability and stability.
  • Contains medium chain fatty acids & natural emulsifiers for improved digestibility.

Phase 2 O.range Weaning Formula used as A nutritionally rich weaning diet for early weaning during the enriched Artemia phase.

  • Perfectly in balance as partial Artemia substitution for the early weaning.
  • Unique early weaning formulation for optimal digestibility and attractability.
  • Contains fresh, top quality marine protein sources, peptides and carefully selected attractants for improved palatability.
  • Contains free nucleotides to promote cell growth & regeneration.

Phase 3 O.range Growth Formula Used as A well balanced diet for use at the end of the weaning and postweaning phases.

  • Maximizes fry growth explosion, contains free nucleotides + peptides.
  • Formulated to ensure a smooth transition from weaning to post-weaning diet.
  • Contains betaglucans & mannans, as well as high levels of antioxidant & vitamins.
  • A high level of protein and lipid compared to other commercial diets in this range (high energy expenditure is needed for the synthesis of body components).

Phase 4 O.range Nurse Formula From the post-weaning phase and during all the nursery phases. Will allow for a smooth transition between the different phases.

  • Assured fat digestibility through the use of quality marine ingredients.
  • Highly nutritional raw materials for optimal digestibility.
  • Use of digestible lipid matrix limits oil leaching & results in better digestibility of the fat.
  • High inclusion of marine protein (60% of total formula).
  • Cost-benefit balance for easy transition from hatchery to juveniles.

4 steps to using O.range

Small & Large sizes are available for the first three phases using O.range (start,wean,grow) the final phase nurse an extra large size can also be purchased upon request.

  • O.range step1.START is for use with co-feeding larvae development during the first 25 days of the rotifer phase, O.range starts initiate fish larvae to artificial feeds ensuring the rearing environment goes undisturbed. This is the perfect solution to a first dry diet during the rotifer phase & early Artemia Feeding available in small packs or large tubs.
  • O.range step2.WEAN used on day 26 to day 45 is the ideal product for use during the early weaning marine fish larvae phase, provides a Perfectly balanced diet for fish larvae.
  • O.range step3.GROW this fry feed formula creation is designed to build up the resistance & health of marine fry immune system making for the perfect diet.
  • O.range step4.NURSE The complete easy digestible ongoing marine fish feed for later stages and beyond.