Algae Bulgaria, Stara Zagora

Following detailed consultation with Algae Bulgaria our team recently installed and commissioned a pilot scale Phyco-Flow system at their production facility in Stara Zagora. Algae Bulgaria is a company founded by a young team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about the potential of microalgae within the nutraceutical markets ( They cultivate Spirulina and sell the biomass as a fresh paste food supplement, making their proposition considerably different from the dried alternatives found in most health food stores. As such, they are particularly cognisant of the importance of maintaining a healthy, stable and fast growing Spirulina culture. The Phyco-Flow photobioreactor will aid them in this process by providing a closed, controllable and fully automated production platform. To conclude, we would like to thank Algae Bulgaria for choosing to contract with us, and we wish them all the best with their new photobioreactor!