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Varicon Aqua Solutions photobioreactors have long used SCHOTT AG’s DURAN© borosilicate glass for its tubular components, providing both strength and reliability. We are now teaming up with SCHOTT to develop and release short informative segments on our professional relationship, and how we utilise SCHOTTs superior glass tubular products in our world-renowned PBR’s. Together, we have produced a collective of reports, encompassing both previous installation endeavours, and future innovations to improve our PBR products, for the benefit of our customers.

The newest edition is entitled ‘Why is a photobioreactor made of high end glass even better today than it was five years ago?’. For customers looking for an in-depth review of how SCHOTT and Varicon have applied the manufacturing developments to PBR’s, you need look no further than this, and the upcoming editions. Check it out here:,u=1bf030e1bc2f3104709e8c04e522f4cd

At Varicon Aqua Solutions, we are constantly improving and optimising our production methods, and implementing these developments to our PBRs, increasing yields and output whilst effectively reducing costs. The quality of SCHOTT’s glass products enables Varicon to deploy reactor systems and designs that are superior to plastic systems. The combination of Varicon’s innovative designs and SCHOTT’s adaptability provide a base for the development of unique PBR systems to perfectly fit our customers’ requirements.

SCHOTT AG are a global manufacturer of high quality glass tubes for a variety of customers, each with individual requirements for their end products. SCHOTT can supply high quality products to this expansive clientele base due to their advanced manufacturing processes, with tight tolerance controls resulting in consistent quality and performance. Varicon Aqua looks forward to continuing our partnership with SCHOTT in the future, as we continue to mutually innovate and refine our products to the highest degree.