New SCHOTT AG & Varicon Aqua White Paper

The partnership between Varicon Aqua and SCHOTT AG has led to development of several new market leading products. Harnessing the SCHOTT AG’s advanced DURAN® grade borosilicate glass tubular components has increased both the strength and durability of Varicon Aqua’s designed and engineered photobioreactor installations. These innovations have helped a number of existing and new customers realise even greater yields and efficiency of production.

To support these on-going developments and further help our customers, SCHOTT AG and Varicon Aqua scientists have generated a number of ‘White Paper’ guides on different aspects of microalgal production. The most recent edition is now available!

In this edition, ‘Algae cultivation in flat panel reactors compared to tubular glass PBRs’, the benefits and pitfalls of utilising a flat panel photobioreactors are discussed in a concise and easy to digest manner. The practical aspects of operation, fouling and cleaning, in particular, are considered. This document is a must for those considering which reactor system to invest in!

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Schott AG Varicon White Paper