Phyco-Bubble, LMU Biocenter in Munich


Take a look at one of the more bespoke designs we’ve built in recent years. Finished in May, this 10 unit Phyco-Bubble photobioreactor system was commissioned for LMU (Austri) to support their microalgal R&D programme.
The systems were designed in discussion with the client to incorporate high levels of control specifically focusing on enabling trials on thermophilic and psychrophilic growth conditions.
The units are completely autoclavable with the photo-stage made from borosilicate glass and other components in stainless steel.
The system is equipped with fully programmable LEDs, including intensities and waveforms.
It also includes a complete data-acquisition and control package to monitor light, pH and temperature.
We wish the team at LMU all the best with their experiments, and look forward to hearing about their results!