Phyco-Flow installation at AlgaeCytes UK, Kent.

We are delighted to have completed our latest 12,000 L Phyco-Flow photobioreactor installation for Algaecytes UK. This Phyco-Flow is the most recent example of our multi photo-stage photobioreactor, designed specifically for industrial scale production of microalgae. The system incorporates full process control, with data acquisition and remote access alongside integration of upstream and downstream processes. Developed from concept to commission and handover, this reactor will form an integral part of Algaecytes UK turnkey pilot facility.

Algaecytes UK are currently researching extraction of high-value algal lipid products, such as EPA and DHA. These components will be incorporated into pharmaceutical products ranging from facial creams to vitamin pills. Further to this, high quality protein and carbohydrate products isolated post-extraction can be implemented into other high-value component production.

A big thank you to Algaecytes for the support of their key staff and technicians during the installation and commissioning process. Furthermore, we wish their team every success as they move through the early production phases. Current feedback from the client is that the system is already exceeding projected densities and specific growth rates.