Phyco-Flow Photobioreactor Installed at the University of Helsinki

The Varicon Aqua team have recently returned from Finland, where we are pleased to have installed a top of the range Phyco-Flow System for the University of Helsinki. Researchers will use the tubular photobioreactor, situated on the Lahti campus (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences), to cultivate microalgae in support of their on-going projects. One such project, Algae Factory, funded by Business Finland, focuses on producing microalgal biomass using nutrient rich side streams. The project targets production of biomass, which will be a valuable source of bioactive compounds, such as omega-3 fatty acids and pigments. The growth of different microalgae on waste streams at 100-200 L scale has previously been investigated by this research group, and this new installation will allow this work to be scaled-up with even greater control in an industrially relevant system.

The PhycoFlow system incorporates full process control, dosing systems, data acquisition and remote access, this allows easy operation and the attainment of high biomass productivities and concentrations. We look forward to hearing how their exciting research progresses and helping to support them in their future projects!

Helsinki Phyco-Flow photobioreactor installation