Varicon Aqua Installation at Geb Impact in Hong Kong

Varicon Aqua’s latest project is up and running in Hong Kong, with the installation led in person by our Managing Director, Joe McDonald. The client, Geb Impact Technology Company Limited, will be using two of our reactor systems, the Phyco-Lift and the Phyco-Pyxis, the latest in our range of innovative products. Geb Impact and Varicon Aqua have enjoyed a long professional relationship, with Geb Impact utilising three of our four reactor systems, starting with the Phyco-Flow, then moving to the Phyco-Lift and Phyco-Pyxis as part of this installation project. Full application of the Phyco platforms has enabled Geb Impact to run a number of independent research projects in parallel, each reactor providing total environmental control under distinct conditions.

The Phyco-Lift builds on the established functionality of our vertical Phyco-Bubble system, whilst providing a simpler approach to scale-up. The airlift mixing within the Phyco-Lift system also reduces the shear forces exposed to growing cultures, and provides an ideal platform for small pilot projects. The Phyco-Pyxis™ brings a fully controlled and automated enclosed photobioreactor concept to the marketplace. The system is available in a range of incremental sizes from 1m3 to 4m3. The reactor is internally illuminated with LED or Gro-Lux lighting that can be tailored to specific photosynthetic requirements; and is mixed by aeration, which significantly reduces mechanical shear. Standard fabrication is in glass reinforced plastic, with a top overflow for harvesting and a bottom outlet for draining, the top of the reactor is removable for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Geb Impact Technology Company Limited is the first, and only, Hong Kong based premium biotechnology company, specialising in the cultivation of desirable microalgal species for high value metabolite extraction. Geb Impact has established itself as a major competitor in the health and lifestyle market, using knowledge developed from 50 years of experience to engineer high fidelity bespoke production processes to optimise their methods. For more information and contact details, visit their website at

In addition to the application of 3 different Phyco-reactor systems, Geb Impact have been using Varicon Aqua’s Cell-Hi nutrient blends for their algal cultivation. Varicon Aqua’s Cell-Hi range is comprised of select nutrient blends, each providing an optimised ratio of micro and macronutrients to fully satisfy aquaculture and biotechnological applications. The Cell-Hi All-In-One range includes a dedicated Haematococcus pluvialis cultivation powder, Cell Hi HP. Our Cell-Hi blends are manufactured to exacting quality standards and reflect formulations optimised over many years of algal cultivation.  Cell-Hi nutrients provide a standardised and cost saving product that can be shipped in any quantity required worldwide.

Geb Impact have used the All-In-One nutrient range for algal cultivation since market release, independently validating the efficacy of our product through their research and we see their testimonial as a great validation of the hard work we undertook in formulating the medium. The combination of our high-fidelity reactor systems and fully refined Cell-Hi nutrient blends allows Geb Impact to operate with the highest possible productivity, supported by Varicon Aqua’s extensive practical knowledge of microalgal cultivation.

The combination of many consultancy roles and photobioreactor installation projects has firmly established Varicon as a predominant presence in the Eastern markets, further consolidating ourselves as a serious global player. The installation at Geb is one of Varicon Aqua’s many projects in East Asia, and we are actively continuing our global expansion. We have recently been part of the delegate cohort at several conferences, including New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur and Jersey (States of), and we look forward to exciting future projects generated from these experiences.