About Us

Varicon Aqua is the manufacturer of the Phyco-™ range of photobioreactors and the Cell-Hi line of algal nutrients. Based in the UK our team has more than 30 years’of experience in design, consulting, construction and deployment of algae photobioreactors and aquaculture production systems worldwide. We provide both laboratory and industrial scale platforms for the cultivation of algae to a broad range of commercial and academic partners. To this end we employ a dedicated team of technicians, researchers, engineers and biologists who understand algal bioprocesses; from wastewater treatment to bulk and high value production. This unique experience gives us a competitive advantage when working with clients, allowing us to specify bespoke photobioreactor systems for a wide range of applications. We pride ourselves on our ability to support our clients from inception through to commissioning and commercialisation.

To date we have deployed over 200 photobioreactor systems across the globe, ranging in scale from 5 L to 400,000 L. All Varicon Aqua systems are built to high specifications using precision manufacturing processes. Prominent products include our bestselling manifold horizontal tubular system the BioFence™, from which our current first in class system the serpentine Phyco-Flow™ was developed. Newer systems include our vertical column photobioreactors, the Phyco-Lift and Phyco-Bubble; and our internally illuminated reactor, the Phyco-Pyxis™. In addition to photobioreactor systems we also specialise in providing the auxiliary equipment necessary for running a successful algal platform. This includes equipment for process monitoring and control, as well as apparatus for downstream processing and lighting. Furthermore, we supply a broad range of specialised Cell-Hi algae nutrient and culture media as well as concentrates, aquaculture feeds and water treatments.